Don't let your back pain stop you from enjoying your life!

For over a decade, the Spinal Care products have helped over 1 million users worldwide. Based on revolutionary Air Traction technology, our products are clinically proven to help reduce lumbar back pain. Our TGA certified products are fully tested in different markets, including American and European. All of our products are manufactured by a certified ISO9001 factory, ensuring you receive the best quality possible.

Air Traction - Traction While You Are At Work

Traditional traction has, however, a fundamental limitation, that the patents must lie down during the therapy. When the patients sit, stand up or walk, the pressure on the problematic disc persists. The Air Traction Belt creatively resolves this problem, by utilising specially designed vertical air chambers alongside the waist belt. When pumped, the width of the belt expand from 13cm to over 19cm, giving the upper body extra support from outside the body. 

When properly fitted, the lumbar vertebrae are drawn apart. Part of the upper body weight is born by the expanded belt, which transfer the pressure directly to the supporting hip bone.

Thus the users are no longer constrained to lying down for traction therapy. They can practically enjoy the benefit of traction therapy while they are in up-right position such as walking, sitting, driving or even light exercise. 

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