• lightweight design and silent operation for optimal patient compliance
  • Bluetooth™ technology for programming and reading data
  • validated to the BHS and AAMI protocoll
  • large LCD display, easy programming, analysis and reporting
  • 51 hours of monitoring; maximum 600 readings can be stored in the solid-state memory


BlueBP-05 with Bluetooth™ combines the latest technology and the proved quality by offering the possibility to eliminate data transmission cable for the convenient communication. Programming the monitor and downloading data can be done by a PC using Bluetooth™ technology. The device is adjusted to the patient’s comfortability, as it is light, equipped with a large LCD screen to ensure easy readability, and a special day/night button to switch between active and passive periods. Extra measurements can be triggered and events can be marked manually. BlueBP-05 operates only with 2 AA rechargeable batteries and makes measurements up to a period of 51 hours. The device stores more than 600 readings in its solid-state memory for an unlimited length of time, and recognizes 3 cuff types. A user-friendly software makes the analysis of the collected patient information easier, as it provides textual and graphical displays. The generated summary report contains useful information on average, systolic and dyastolic blood pressure. The integrated software is also adaptable for most of the Meditech devices. The accuracy of the algorithm used in BlueBP-05 has been validated to the BHS and AAMI criteria. The product also bears the CE-mark, which demonstrates well its quality and reliability.

Technical parameters

power supply: 2 AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries
measurement method: oscillometric method, stepwise deflation, piezo-resistive sensor
measurement range: blood pressure 30-260 mmHg, pulse rate 40-200 bpm
passive accuracy: ± 3 mmHg or 2 % of measured value
data transfer: wireless Bluetooth™ connection
dimensions: 98 x 69 x 29 mm
weight: 197g (excl. batteries)


BlueBP-05 brochure