• extending cardiac event recording to several days
  • compact size and versatility
  • easy patient hook-up with real-time monitoring for best electrode placement
  • up to 8 minutes pre-event strip length
  • choice of recording quality and 1 to 5 channels
  • up to 60 minutes of total ECG storage capacity with built-in solid state memory
  • option to enable new recordings to overwrite the oldest ones if memory is full
  • data transmission to PC via optical cable or standard modem
  • looping operation for over a week with a single AAA battery


The background of possible cardiac symptoms is often difficult or impossible to clarify with an ECG tracing or even a conventional 24-hour holter recording. CardioClip, a miniature and versatile ECG event recorder, helps to solve this problem by extending cardiac event recording to several days. The unit constantly keeps ECG data from the last several minutes in its looping memory, and whenever the patient presses its button, it will store ECG strips both preceding and following the event (pre-post recording). With CardioClip, lead/channel layout and ECG quality is programmable before the monitoring session. A special operation mode enables ECG recording in the conventional lead layout of six limb plus any three chest leads. Users can achieve optimal use of main storage memory by selecting economy to diagnostic ECG quality, one to five independent channels, and flexible recorded strip length. In pre-post recording mode, CardioClip will operate reliably for over a week with its single AAA size battery. Should an even longer observation period be necessary, the unit can be switched to post-event recording mode. In this mode, CardioClip is expected to run for several months. CardioClip will store ECG data in its built-in solid state memory. Recordings can be transmitted to a personal computer via an optical cable, or by using a standard modem.

Technical parameters

power supply: 1 AAA alkaline or rechargeable battery
ECG channels: up to 3 independent bipolar or 5 independent unipolar channels
sampling: 1200 Hz or 600 Hz
A/D resolution: 12 bit
frequency range: 0.05-125 Hz (-3 dB)
sensitivity: 256 steps per 1 mV
dynamic range: 10 mV p-v
DC offset tolerance: +/- 300 mV
input impedance: 100 Mohm
storage frequency: 600 Hz, 300 Hz or 150 Hz
storage capacity: total 8 to 60 minutes, quality and lead layout dependent
PC connection: RS232 line, optical cable transmission, 115.200 baud
operator controls: 1 pushbutton
display: 2 dual-color LEDs
dimensions: 66 x 59 x 17 mm
weight: ~ 54 g (incl. Battery)


CardioClip brochure