• 24 or 48-hour full disclosure ECG recording
  • Choice of recording quality; recording with 1, 2, 3 or 5 channels
  • Compact size that does not disrupt the patient's daily routine
  • Real-time monitoring for best electrode placement
  • Beat by beat ECG analysis
  • Complex trend and 24-hour full disclosure screens, complete arrhythmia, ischaemia, time and frequency domain HRV analysis
  • No-loss storage on MMC/SD flash card


CardioMera is a compact, full disclosure 24-hour ECG recorder featuring easy and fl exible programming. The system can record and store 1, 2, 3 or 5 channels of ECG signals. To achieve optimal results, ECG storage quality can be set to storage saving, recommended holter, and diagnostic quality. For ultimate storage quality, data are stored on stamp-sized MMC/SD flash card to avoid data loss typical of older generation holters. CardioMera is easily initialized by either inserting a pre-confi gured memory card, or by connecting it to a PC using an optical cable link. This option also enables real-time monitoring to achieve the best electrode placement. Recorded data are processed with CardioVisions, a powerful integrated database, display, analysis and report generation software package. This versatile software can do beat by beat annotation, which can be customized by the user. Ischaemic profi le and HRV analysis can be made for freely selectable time ranges.

Technical parameters

power supply: 1 AAA alkaline or rechargable battery
ECG channels: up to 3 independent bipolar or 5 independent unipolar channels
sampling: 1200 Hz and 600 Hz
A/D resolution: 12 bit
frequency range: 0,05-100 Hz (-3dB)
dynamic range: 16 mVp-v
DC offset tolerance: +/- 300 mV
input impedance: 100 Mohm
storage frequency: 600 Hz, 300 Hz or 150 Hz
storage capacity: up to 48 hours (depending on settings and flash card capacity)
PC connection: RS232 port, optical cable transmission, 115.200 baud
Dimensions: 66 x 59 x 17 mm
Weight: ~ 49 g (without battery)


CardioMera brochure