• an innovative ambulatory diagnostic system to analyze the complex blood-pressure related cardiovascular risk profile
  • 24-hour ABP profile with the sequential recording of two-channel ECG strips
  • 24-hour ST-segment and heart rate profile
  • continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis
  • automatic event detection with extra BP and ECG recordings during ST abnormalities, heart rate variations or syncopal episodes that exceed programmable pre-set levels
  • flexible programming with real-time ECG monitoring for better electrode placement and perfectly adjusted event detection triggers
  • time-domain and frequency-domain heart rate variability analysis
  • patient event markers, automatic cuff size detection, voltage display to verify battery status


CardioTens is an innovative ambulatory diagnostic tool that highlights the relationship between coronary heart disease and hypertension and provides a detailed analysis of various parameters of cardiovascular risk. It records 24-hour blood pressure, ST-segment and heart rate profiles, and two-channel ECG strips according to a preset program sequence. The unit performs continuous real-time beat-to-beat ECG analysis, too. Automatic event detection with adjustable preset limits ensures that extra ECG strips and corresponding blood pressure values are recorded during (silent) ischaemic events, high or low heart rates and syncopal episodes. Patients can mark and record additional, symptomatic events. CardioTens also performs full heart rate variability analysis. It uses the BHS and AAMI validated proprietary Meditech ABPM algorithm, as well as the Meditech ECG processing algorithms successfully tested on the MIT-BIH arrhythmia database (99.8 % beat detection accuracy). The device stores all recorded data in its solid-state memory even if batteries are removed. CardioTens offers on-line ECG monitoring with real time cycle averaging and ST detection to help achieve the best electrode placement and perfect adjustment of event detection triggers.

Technical parameters

power supply: 4 high capacity AA rechargeable batteries
BP measurement method: oscillometric method, stepwise deflation, piezo-resistive sensor
BP/HR measurement range: blood pressure 30-260 mmHg, pulse rate 40-200 bpm
passive measurement accuracy: ± 3 mmHg or 2 % of measured value
ECG recording parameters: two independent channels, 200 Hz sampling, 12 bit A/D resolution
BP storage capacity: max. 1000 ABPM measurements
ECG storage capacity: 24-hour ST, ST-slope, HR and HRV; total 4 hours of 2-channel ECG recordings
data transfer: RS232 line, optical cable transmission, 115.200 baud
dimensions: 124 x 82 x 33.5 mm
weight: ~350 g (incl. batteries)


CardioTens brochure