• a modern, cost-effective solution for ECG recording, using plain paper PC based printing
  • probably the world's smallest PC based 12-lead ECG recorder
  • optoelectronic connection to a standard serial port
  • rapid recording and printing, effortless storage and retrieval
  • three, six or twelve channel display, a wide range of sensitivity and speed
  • average cycles, digital filters, electronic rulers
  • single-screen comparison of old and new ECG recordings


E-Lite, the 12 channel resting ECG system from Meditech is one of the smallest PC-based ECG on the market. The system contains a compact recorder device with two AA batteries, integrated ECG lead cables and an optical interface socket, an interface cable and user-friendly software. It provides a rapid way to record resting ECGs for everyday medical practice, with effortless storage and retrieval, as well as cost-effective documentation on plain printing paper. Connection to desktop or portable computers is a simple task requiring no special accessories or internal modification of the PC. E-Lite can be connected to a standard serial port. The system offers three, six or twelve channel ECG display; a wide range of sensitivity and speed; digital filters; electronic ECG-ruler; Cabrera-display; comparison of different ECG recordings on one screen; average cycles and parameter tables with manually (re)adjustable key points for interpretation. High quality technical solutions ensure that all features will perform on a clear, point-sharp ECG recording. The optical interface provides perfect electrical isolation against any shock-hazards or noise. Protection against defibrillator discharge is built into the device.

Technical parameters

power supply: 2 AA accumulators or alkaline batteries
classification and type: internally powered, CF; defibrillator-proof
sampling, A/D resolution: 1000 Hz, 12 bits, sensitivity 2.5 ¾V
frequency range: 0.05 Hz - 150 Hz (-3 dB)
CMRR: > 100 dB
filters: mains (adaptive 50 or 60 Hz), muscle noise, baseline antidrift
data transfer: RS232 line, optical cable transmission, 115.200 baud
dimensions: 100 x 87 x 24 mm


E-Lite brochure