• USB or RS-232C serial PC interface
  • Active posterior resistance measurement
  • Patient circuit with facial mask or nasal probes
  • No need for external power supply
  • Connecting to a laptop PC provides full portability

Reference value algorithms

  • ECCS
  • Cotton & Dust
  • Crapo HSU
  • Knudson
  • Austrian

 Measurement modes

  • Forced vital capacity
  • Static vital capacity
  • Maximal voluntary ventilation

Optional modules

  • PDD-301/r Rhinomanometer
  • PDD-301/p Dose controlled drug nebulizer


  • Flow(Volume) loop
  • Volume(Time) spirogram

Special services

  • User definable printouts
  • Storage of patients and results
  • Pre-post examination
  • Full support of bronchodilation
  • Full support of provocation
  • Trend analysis
  • Export results to Excel table

Communication languages

  • English
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish


The device insures the measurement of the basic pulmonary function testing: forced ex- and inspiration, vital capacity and maximal voluntary ventilation.

The spirometer complies with the specifications and requirements of the following standards and recommendations:

  • ERS (European Respiratory Society)
  • ECCS (European Community for Coal and Steel) 
  • ATS (American Thoracic Society)

Technical parameters

Flow meter Non-heated Lilly type flow meter with hydrophobic screen
Flow range ±15 l/s
Accuracy of flow ±3 % or ±100 ml/s which ever is larger
Volume range 15 l
Accuracy of volume ±3 % or ±50 ml which ever is larger
Size L 150 mm  W 82 mm  H 45 mm
Weight 210 g
PDD-301/su USB interface
PDD-301/ss RS-232C serial interface
Power supply No external power supply

Parameter list of spirometer

Forced ex and inspiration Graphs: F(V) Loop V(t) Spirogram
FVC Forced Vital Capacity MEF*75% Forced Expiratory Flow at 75% lung volume
FEV*0,5 Forced Expiratory Volume timed
0,5 sec
MEF*50% Forced Expiratory Flow at 50% lung volume
FEV*1,0 Forced Expiratory Volume timed
1,0 sec
MEF*25% Forced Expiratory Flow at 25% lung volume
FEV*0,5/IVC Forced Expiratory Volume timed
0,5 sec / Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FET Forced Expiratory Time
FEV*0,5/FVC Forced Expiratory Volume timed
0,5 sec / Forced Vital Capacity
MTT Mean Transit Time
FEV*1,0/IVC Forced Expiratory Volume timed
1,0 sec / Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FIVC  Forced Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FEV*1,0/FVC Forced Expiratory Volume timed
1,0 sec / Forced Vital Capacity
FIV*0,5  Forced Inspiratory Volume timed at 0,5 sec
PEF Peak Expiratory Flow rate FIV*1,0  Forced Inspiratory Volume timed at 1,0 sec
FEF*25-75% Forced mid -Expiratory Flow rate PIF Peak Inspiratory Flow rate
Static vital capacity Graphs: V(t) Spirogram
IVC Inspiratory Vital Capacity TV Tidal Volume
IRV Inspiratory Reserve Volume SVC Slow Vital Capacity
ERV Expiratory Reserve Volume  
Maximal voluntary ventilation  Graphs: V(t) Spirogram
MVV Maximal Voluntary Ventilation MVV*f  Maximal Voluntary Ventilation Frequency


Operation Manual for Spirometer System
SpiroWin for Windows